Best Restaurants in Florence

Are you looking for the best restaurants in Florence? Here is our top selection.

Enjoy it and let us know your favorite one.

Enoteca Pinchiorri – 3 Michelin Stars

This is not just one of the best restaurants in Florence: this is one of the best restaurants in Italy and probably in the world. Be sure to book well in advance if you want to try the extraordinary cuisine of this 3 Micheline stars restaurant. You can choose between a la carte dishes and a samples menu, adding to the food a choice of the excellent wines of the cellar. You will not spend less that 250-300 € per person but it is definitely worth it as this will be one of those experiences you will tell your friends about for ages.


More than one of the best restaurants in Florence, this is really a not ordinary restaurant: as a matter of fact, dishes are served directly by the chefs. The young, nice chef Simone Cipriani is a master of the good food. Here you will find traditional recipes made new with a great touch of creativity, e.g.: the comfort spaghetti, made with the same sauce as the Tuscan meat crostini.

Il Palagio – 1 Michelin Star

This is another Michelin starred restaurant in Florence worth a visit. The antique Sixteenth century palace of the setting is incredible and the cuisine of Vito Mollica is equally great. Try the Cavatelli pasta ‘cacio e pepe’ with marinated red prawns and baby squids, simple and very refined. The tasting menu costs around 140 euro pp excluded drinks and wine.


Creativity lives here. Ask for one of the fabulous cocktails of Sabrina Galloni and try one of the plates of Gabriele Andreoni, the Florentine chef that guides the kitchen crew. Enjoy the brilliant and naïve atmosphere of Oltrarno, the area beyond the river Arno, considered the true local area of Florence.

Ditta Artigianale

Ditta Artigianale is a creation of Francesco Sanapo, a king of coffee. The ambience mixes up Fifties flair and international style. It’s an excellent choice for both breakfast and lunch, but most of all, for the aperitif hour, since it boasts an impressive selection of 150 brands of gyn.

Il Latini

A typical trattoria with sober and simple service where you can taste a great fiorentina steak, along with other great Tuscan dishes, like ribollita, roasted meat and tiramisu.

Buca Mario

One of the best restaurants in Florence since 1886. The owners are kind and smiling and the fiorentina steak is definitely one of the most delicious in town.

Da Burde

Far for the city center, this restaurant is one of oldest and most typical trattoria in Florence: the two brothers that manage it have left everything as it was in the old times. The cuisine is simple and tasty, especially the Tuscan recipes like the ribollita, the pappa al Pomodoro, the fiorentina and the zuppa inglese.