Calcio Storico

The Calcio Storico (Historical football) is one of the most famous events in Florence.

4 teams representing the 4 historical areas of the city join this re-enactment. The Whites of Santo Spirito, the Blues of Santa Croce, the Greens of San Giovanni and the Reds of Santa Maria Novella. 27 fighters (calcianti) for each team face each other until the final match, organized every year on June 24 in Piazza Santa Croce, transformed into a real arena for the occasion.  

It is said that the origins of the Calcio Storico come from the Florence Siege in 1530, when the Florentines organized a football match in order to mock Carlo V soldiers that were keeping under siege the city in order to reestablish the power of the Medici Family.

The Calcio Storico fighters are dressed with historical costumes and the match looks more like a rugby one than a soccer one, because the ball is passed by hands and the calcianti face each other in quite a violent and physical way.

The match is proceeded by a wonderful Parade that crosses the city center and it is concluded with the price awarding: a Chianina veal, according to the tradition.

Final Match: 24 June 
Where: Piazza Santa Croce, 50122 Firenze

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