The Burst of the Cart

The Easter in Florence is celebrated with the famous Burst of the Cart, an ancient folk tradition that you cannot miss.

The so-called "Brindellone" (the Cart), was first created in 1622: according to a legend, this event is linked to the Crusades. The Florentine nobleman Pazzino had just returned from the First Crusade, where he had received the 3 Holy Sepulcher stones by his courage. Pazzino brought back in Florence the stones, which are now kept in the Church of SS. Apostles.

The delivery of the stones is recalled every year with the Burst of the Cart: at 10 am a priest rubs the stones to light up the Easter candle. This lights up the carbons that lie inside the Cart, which - loaded with fireworks - reaches the Archbishop into Duomo in procession.

The Cart stops in front of the Duomo and at 11 am, when the Mass ends, the Archbishop lights up a dove-shaped rocket with the sacred fire, which is thrown out of the church with a special wire hanging up to the Cart with the fireworks. If all the fires explode, the coming year will be lucky.

Easter Sunday
Piazza Duomo, Florence

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