About us

The origins of our building go back to the late medieval times.

During those times 'Via Cavour' was known as 'Via degli Spadai' (literally 'swordsmith street'), as it was flanked by smiths' workshops and forges.

However, with the ascent of the Medici family, who lived in the Medici Palace (nowadays called 'Palazzo Medici-Riccardi'), obviously the street became very important and was renamed 'Via Larga' (i.e. 'large' or 'high street').

Little palaces were built along both sides of the street belonging to noble people related to the Medici Family.

From some old sketches and prints, we have established that our building was already standing during the XV century and that it had noble origins, given its location on Via Larga and so close to the Medici Palace.

That is witnessed also by the coat of arms above the main entrance, which resembles that of the Earls Ughi.

We also know that the back part of the building was a convent, but we have been unable to trace any other historical evidence.

During the XIX century the building underwent some renovations in order to make it more suitable to the new standards of living.

Between 1851 and 1855 the famous composer Gioacchino Rossini lived in the rooms overlooking Via Cavour, as indicated by the memorial plaque on the façade - unfortunately, the master was already in his late days and his artistic vein had mostly faded - he did however manage to compose or revise some compositions.

Hotel Casci was started in 1926 by Mrs Casci and it was happily welcomed by the local press as the first hotel in Florence with hot and cold water in all rooms.

Things have changed since then and it is now bigger and offers a lot more facilities.


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