How long are train rides between major italian cities?

If travelling on the fast Eurostar trains, you should plan on the following approximate travelling times:

  • Rome / Florence: 1hr 35mins;
  • Milan / Florence: 2hrs 45mins;
  • Venice / Florence: 2hrs 45mins;
  • Milan / Rome: 4hrs 30mins;
  • Milan / Venice: 2hrs 45mins;
  • Rome / Naples: 2hrs.

Don't forget that Eurostar and High Speed trains are a bit more expensive than other trains (IC, Regional) and require seat reservations.

How do i go about finding train schedules and making train reservations?

The best way is to log on, where you are able to find all schedules and also make ticket reservations by credit card.

Are train reservations compulsory in italy?

In practice they are, as most tourists travel on the Eurostar and High Speed trains, which require seat reservations - that is mainly for travelling between Rome / Florence / Venice / Milan / Naples.

Local trips (i.e. Pisa or Lucca from Florence), on the other hand, do not require train reservations.

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